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Mar 23, 2018 by Arkarise Category: Articles, News 0 comments

NUOAURA “Hardware Rentals” Strategy To Benefit Businesses on Leasing Assets Over Outright Purchases!

Having the right business equipment on hand can be vital to a company’s overall success … Benefits in “Leasing Hardware” than compared with Outright Purchase, Companies are adopting Rental eco-system as part of their Business Strategy in order to leverage on benefits like “Low Upfront Cost, Predictable Monthly Expenses, Low Maintenance Cost & importantly Depreciation Benefits”.   NUOAURA an attempt to Organize the Rental Marketplace in India and to promote the idea of Renting Hardware, have been able to add-value to “FinCare Small Finance Bank” & “West-Space Technology Services firm” over the last several months in managing Supplies of “Laptops & Desktops” for their business expansion needs!

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