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“Secret” Agent 310’s Anecdote

Dec 04, 2015 by Arkarise Category: Branding, Business, Consulting 0 comments

“This is agent 310. I work at a standard call center of about 200 employees. Going to work, trying to catch that 9am deadline with only three elevators to line up for, the lines sure seem as long as Nathan Road. As usual swiping my name card into the clocking machine a minute before the hour hand strikes 9 can already be the day’s first challenge.

Arkarise Accutone secret agent

Finally, I’ve made it to my desk, settled down and ready to start my job. I turn on the computer, reach for my mouse and have my pen and paper ready, as if a pilot entering his fighter-jet making sure all weapons and controls are functioning. Each morning, this routine is my sanctuary, a place where I can have a little moment of inner peace before I enter battle!

For a pilot the most important equipment is his helmet, the only communication tool he has with his team. Equivalently the headset of a call center agent, secret or not, is just as important. Lucky for me, we have just upgraded all our headsets to Accutone Series 310 MK-II headset. An evolution from the previous 310 series, the MK II is known for its versatility and acoustic performance. Lightweight, elegantly designed and highly-durable are the first things that come to mind when I have it on. Switching between standard telephone connecting cables to USB connection is a breeze, easier than putting on my seatbelt.

6 o’clock signals the end of my day in battle. On my way out the door, I hear my coworkers laughing, why I ask… Then I realized I still have my 310 MKII headset on!! I guess it’s really light and comfortable eh?”

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